Whom we work for

These street musicians come from diverse background which varies from education to disability. Large number of population performing at stations or in trains is visually challenged. Lack of employment opportunities leads them to trains. Many of the V.C artists choose to perform and earn instead of only begging.

Another community performing in trains found is the family of folk artists migrated from Rajasthan and Gujarat in search of job. Music is not just their source of income but also a tradition. Many of the artists perform rare traditional instruments like Ravnatha, Bulbul Tarang. They look at street performance as their family business.

Our Process

Swaradhar works with the community of street performers. These street performers are very skilled musicians who usually seen as entertaining commuters from local trains. They are often visible but a neglected cohort of population by people and the government in spite of having enormous potential and talent. They are often perceived as beggars by the commuters.

Everyday artist perform to earn amount which hardly satisfies their basic needs. Next generation of these artists is deprived of quality education, basic health facilities. A situation for female artist is worst. They go through financial as well as physical and sexual abuse. Artist suffers identity crisis. Many of the artists feel humiliated as people look at them as beggars. The visually challenged people don’t like this work because they struggle every day to hide that from their family members.

Human trafficking is sometimes the cause and effect of street artists. We try to minimize this population. Forced employment and child performers are strictly avoided by Swaradhar team.


Swaradhar provides creative and timely solutions on the problems faced by street musicians resulting into a empowered artists.


Team effortlessly works to protect artists from financial exploitation and trafficking. An ensured environment is provided with the help of partners.


Through stage performances, awareness is created amongst civilians about the diminishing art and these marginalized artists.

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